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Alabama Dance Theatre

You just know when you are passionate about dancing. The music, the emotion, the feeling that comes from dancing can't be beaten. It is a great way to express your personality and your emotion in a safe, artistic, and engaging way. Dance has a way to touch the soul of the dancer and to evoke emotion and thought from the spectators. When you want to take your dancing and art form to the next level, it is time to look at joining the Alabama Dance Theatre. As a pre-professional dance studio, the team is dedicated to teaching and refining your skill so that you can finally express your art to the world with the fluidity and emotion it deserves. The Alabama Dance Theatre is a pre-professional dance company that has the best teachers and a wide range of classes available.

As the top regional performing arts company, the team at Alabama Dance Theatre takes pride in offering a wide range of classes and professional instruction available to students. While much of the curriculum is centered on traditional ballet classes, there are also popular dance classes available for students including hip hop, jazz, and even Broadway dance classes. This allows all students to express their art in a format that suits their likes and abilities. A top-ranking regional performing arts company, Alabama Dance Theatre has won several awards over the past 30 years in a range of age groups and dance styles. The team is dedicated to constantly refining the arts so that the students can have access to the best choreography and the best teachers to show them the way to a lifelong career in dance.

The team at Alabama Dance Theatre understands that dance is expensive. Having costly tuition should not stop anyone from being able to do what they love. That is why the team at the Alabama Dance Theatre works hard to keep the prices and tuition fees affordable for parents and students alike. As a non-profit performing dance company, the team wants to help the community by keeping fees and tuition reasonable. Further, as a non-profit performing dance company, the team at Alabama Dance Theatre works with the community and area businesses every single day to try to give back to the community and make the world a better place. Through regular involvement and work with the community the team at the Alabama Dance Theatre can help build and create a caring, enriching and rewarding community for all members in the area.


Join The Team at The Alabama Dance Theatre

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