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Ballet Classes

The elegance and beauty that comes with ballet is something to behold. The body control, movement, and emotion can tell a story about your art, and the ability to share your art form with other people. Ballet takes years of dedication in order to truly perfect the art and become a professional dancer. That is why at Alabama Dance Theatre the team offers a range of ballet classes, perfect for all ages and abilities. The offered ballet classes are perfect for beginners and young children. At the Alabama Dance Theatre we specialize in a Russian Syllabus to teach young dancers the form and fundamentals needed to become a successful ballet dancer. The team also has ballet classes available for older and more experienced children, and even classes for young adults. At Alabama Dance Theatre, the teachers are dedicated to teaching pre-professional dancers the skills they will need in order to be a successful, career dancer.

Ballet has many different forms, but one of the more popular forms of this dance style is ballet pointe. As a ballet pointe dancer you are forced to balance on the very top of your toes, wearing specialized dance shoes. In order to progress to ballet, dancers must first learn the basic fundamentals of dance and ballet. The team at Alabama Dance Theatre will walk students through the proper progressions so that they will be best prepared to move forward to a ballet pointe class. The heavy focus on Russian Syllabus dancing adds an artistic beauty, as well as a strong dedication, to this unique and beautiful art form. Typically, ballet pointe classes are reserved for slightly older and more advanced dancers and children. At Alabama Dance Theatre, there are plenty of professional teachers and instructors to help work with your students on the proper ballet pointe forms, to create a beautiful and successful dancer.

As stated earlier, Russian Syllabus for dance is strongly used and taught heavily at Alabama Dance Theatre. This is because the entire professional team of instructors believes in the theories and art forms that are taught through this style of dance. Russian Syllabus for dance has long been held as the art standard, and the team at the Alabama Dance Theatre wants to be able to teach young students these forms and fundamentals in order to make stronger, better, and more well rounded dancers. While Russian Syllabus for dance is great for ballet dances, and any dancer in general to help strengthen fundamental dance practices, it can also be a great tool for gymnasts and figure skaters to take as well. Learning how to control the body, while maintaining beautiful lines, you will be able to keep ahead of your competition and further progress and strengthen your own art form.


Perfect Your Art With Ballet Classes

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