Camilla Ohme

Camilla Ohme


ADT Member since 2016, received scholarship and attended Brenau University 2019, ACES Honorable Mention in Dance 2018, Baldwin Highest Dance GPA 2018-19 School Year, PTA Reflections Choreography First Place 2018, PTA Reflections Choreography First Place 2017, ACES third place 2020.


In their own words...

How did your passion for dance begin?


 I have always had a passion for dance since I first started at the age of three. I was always motivated to go to class at that age because of the beautiful costumes that Mrs. Kate let us dress up in. In those classes we also got to act like the different characters that our costumes portrayed. Thus, starting my passion for dance. My passion has always been based on the fact that you can perform a character without saying a single word. That makes you feel very powerful and vulnerable all at the same time, but it has always been what I have loved. Performing has and will continue to be what drives me to pursue perfection in dance, and it has always pushed me to never give up or leave what I have been working on for so long.



Why did you choose to pursue your dance studies at The Alabama Dance Theatre?


My mom was a professional dancer with ADT for a couple of years; therefore, when she had two daughters she put both of them in just to see if we would like it. Although I didn’t necessarily choose by myself to come to ADT, I have never thought about leaving to go somewhere else. The training here is phenomenal, and the huge focus on ballet technique helps all of us in every other style. However ADT’s staff are not only our teachers who teach and correct us, but they genuinely care for us and want us to be our best all around person/dancer. All of the dancers in the company, no matter what level, are a part of this beautiful family and environment that we have made here. We are all very close, and that is something that makes my experience here even more special.


What pointe shoes do you prefer?


I prefer Russian pointe shoes. My favorite kind of Russians are the Muse. Russians no matter what kind have a flatter tip on the box. This helps me very much with balancing and turning. I also enjoy the rigid shank on the shoe because when I form my arch to the shank it helps me to pull up and out of the shoe. Furthermore, preventing sinking into the shoe. Russians for me personally shape my foot easily, which helps to prevent sickling and promote well shaped feet.



Which choreographers inspire you?


Lauren Lovette, with New York City Ballet, is a big inspiration to me. She is an amazing choreographer, and my favorite work of hers is Red Spotted Purple. But as well as choreographing different pieces she remains a principal dancer at New York City Ballet. A huge dream of mine is to do what she is doing: choreograph and perform leading roles. I also enjoy George Balanchine’s choreography. I love how he challenged many of the very classical views and brought a new excitement to many ballets. He used his neo-classical technique, to bring a little hint of contemporary into his ballets. The tempo and speed that he uses is exhilarating to watch and brings tons of energy. It encourages me to experiment with some of the classical choreography that I have developed.


What are some of your favorite roles of all time and why?


My favorite roles include Stepmother in Cinderella, Prelude solo in Les Sylphides, and a Vampire in Dracula. Stepmother in Cinderella challenged me to act in a different way than I normally do. Instead of being bubbly and bright; I had to be cruel and wicked. I enjoyed showing a different side of myself, and proving that I could act malevolent. Prelude solo in Les Sylphides is very different from Stepmother. It is a supernatural role, and in order to pull it off I had to give the appearance of a light, ethereal quality. It was also very adagio (slow and controlled), and that challenged me to work on controlling my technique even more. Vampire in Dracula gave me the opportunity to do one of my very first roles with the senior company. (I was a junior company member at the time.) This challenged me to rise to their level, and it will always be a good memory.


What is your dream role?


My dream role is Emerald in the Balanchine ballet Jewels. I am in love with all of Balanchine’s ballets but Jewels in my opinion is one of the most elegant. Emerald’s music is so serene and it flows beautifully with the choreography. The overall quality of Emerald is breath-taking, and the upper body includes many positions that I consider to be my “strengths”. It evolves a lot of turn out and precise technique that would be a great challenge for me, but overall I feel it’s a role that I may do well. I would also love to do Fairy Godmother in Cinderella for the same reason that I would love to do Emerald. I love the quality and the character that the Fairy Godmother possesses. She is a very loving character and throughout the ballet helps Cinderella receive the life she truly deserves. Of course I love the dancing that goes along with the role, but I truly love the character so much.