Celeste Herod

Celeste Herod


ADT Member since 2018, member of Youth Ballet of Texas 7 years, attended Alabama Dance Festival 2020, attended Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet Course Intensive 2019, Junior ACES 2nd place in Dance 2019, attended Birmingham Ballet 2018, Junior ACES 2nd place in Dance 2019, Junior High ACES first Place 2020, participated in Youth American Grand Prix 2017 and 2018, attended Bolshoi Ballet NYC 2017, received scholarship from Brenau University and The Montgomery Ballet 2020, Accepted to American Ballet Theatre, ADT’s “Most Determined Dancer 2020.”She performed in a collaborative program with The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and ADT called "Move With Me."


In their own words...

How did your passion for dance begin?


When I was five years old, my Mom enrolled me in some ballet classes. My Mom saw that I was petite, and she couldn't really imagine me doing contact sports. Although, I almost quit dance after the first year just because the tights were so hard to put on, my Mom made me finish out the year of dancing because she knew I would love it- if I just got past the tights.


Why did you choose to pursue your dance studies at The Alabama Dance Theatre?


Two years ago, I moved from Dallas, Texas. I had been with a youth performing company, and knew I wanted to find a place that would continue to train me technically while allowing me the opportunity to perform.  My mom did some research and saw the history of ADT and saw that they were going to give me just the kind of training I needed. I’m very thankful for ADT, and I don't know what I would do without them.


What Pointe shoes do you prefer?


I’ve been through countless brands of pointe shoes, starting when I was nine. But I’ve found that my favorite brand is Russian Pointe. Russians have many different styles, but usually I just take whatever they have in stock at the store, all of them work for me. At first, I went through wearing Suffolk’s, Mirella’s, Gaynor’s, and Grishok’s. I couldn't seem to find a shoe that fit perfectly, but that didn't stop me from looking. It takes time and patience to find what works.


Which choreographers inspire you?


One of my favorite choreographers is George Balanchine. Balanchine was well known for his musicality. He founded my favorite school, SAB. I love the style he has created for ballet and his school continues to inspire me to this day. Marcia Dale Weary inspires me too, although she wasn't a choreographer, she was an amazing teacher and artistic director. I would love to teach or start a ballet school one day. She taught technique very well and her dancers went far in their careers. I'd love to help people achieve their dreams just like Marcia did.


What are some of your favorite roles and why?


I really enjoyed my roles in Carol of the Bells and Oh Come All Ye Faithful in Mistletoe. I've also loved being a Vampire in Dracula. This was fun for me because it was a drastic change from how I’ve typically been cast. I love the ballet Coppelia and really enjoyed playing the part of a Swanhilda friend.


What is your dream role?


I can't decide between two roles, either Juliet, in Romeo and Juliet or Swanhilda, in Coppelia. I like both of these characters because they are full of adventure and the storylines are entertaining. These roles portray the fullness of a dancer's ability to perform technically, but also artistically and expressively. I hope that I have the joy of dancing those parts in the future.