Clover Hardin

Clover Hardin


ADT Member since 2016, received scholarship and attended Brenau University Dance Intensive 2019, received scholarship Commercial Dance Intensive 2019, ACES 3rd place in Dance 2019, ACES 4th place in Instrumental 2019, received scholarship and attended Brenau University Dance Intensive and Platinum Dance Convention 2018, received scholarship Harlem Dance Intensive 2018, ACES 2nd place in Dance 2018, received full scholarship and attended Platinum Dance Convention 2017, accepted to Dance Theatre of Harlem 2017, American Ballet Theatre, Alabama Ballet, accepted to International Ballet Competition School, attended Alabama Dance Festival 2016, First place solos at Fusion, Inspire, Platinum, Showstopper and DTI Competitions, Fourth Place Nationals 2015, five time title winner - Miss Platinum and Miss Fusion; Best Choreography, Best Technique, Flexibility Award, Enterprise and Dothan School of Dance 2009-2014, Birmingham Dance Theatre 2013- 2014.


In their own words...

How did the passion for dance begin?


My passion for dance began when my friend Cadence passed away in 2018. I have always had a passion for dance but I realized that tomorrow is not always promised. I started to love dance more than I did the day before because it was a great outlet for me.


Why did you choose to pursue your dance studies at The Alabama Dance Theatre?


I chose to purse my dance studies at ADT because my mom’s boss, Ms.Joni, recommended ADT her. I used to dance at Enterprise and Dothan School of Dance and Birmingham Dance Theatre, my mom also taught at both, before I danced at ADT where my mom met Joni.


What pointe shoes do you prefer?


I am still figuring out what shoes work for me but I prefer Gaynor Minden's shoes. They last for 3-4 months on my feet while my other shoes last 2 weeks to a month which gets to be pretty expensive.


Which choreographers inspire you?


Suzie Carter Hardin is a choreographer who inspires me, who is also my mom. She has been choreographing my solos for competitions and they have won 5 regional titles, 1st places, and choreography awards. It amazes me to see what ideas she comes up with for my solos because she always stirs up the most unique ideas.


What are some of your favorite roles of all time and why?


Some of my favorite roles I have performed are Autumn Fairy in Cinderella, Abu in Aladdin, and being one of “The Five” in Ms. Sara’s piece “The Man in Black” at Stars in the Riverfront. I love these roles because they match my personality and I got to dance along with many amazing dancers while performing those roles.


What is your dream role?


My dream roles would be Giselle, Lucy in Dracula, or Odette/Odile in Swan Lake. Giselle is such a beautiful ballet and it takes good acting to be the artist in that role. I would love to play Lucy in Dracula because I can perform my inner Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. Being Odette/Odile would be so much fun but also challenging because I would have to do thirty two fouettes en pointe.