The Alabama Dance Theatre prides itself on having a student-driven company. Every year auditions are held for the upcoming season. This is a tradition that has been ongoing for 35 years. With the exception of male guest artists for lead roles, all of the parts in Alabama Dance Theatre's public performances are fulfilled by its student company members. Without further ado please allow us to introduce you to the 2021/2022 ADT Student Company.

Senior Company

Junior Company

3V9A8252 (1).jpg

Left to right (back row): Martha Armstrong, Cecilia Hamell, Lily Givens, Caroline MacLeod

Left to right (front row): Georgia Vance, Tempe Grinstead

3V9A8260 (1).jpg

Left to right (back row): Margie Anne Prescott, Arrion Rollins, Kalei Jones

Left to right (middle row): Addison May, Cara Barranco

(front row): Caroline Ohme

3V9A8255 (1).jpg

Left to right: Chandler Davis, Kathryn Parsons, Emanuel Wood, Alexandria Brooks, Samantha Bell


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Left to right (back row): Chloe Anderson, Hailey Scott, Mariannah Harding, Lorennah Harding

Left to right (front row): Francie Crawford, Mary Grace Parsons

(Not Pictured): Lauren Ingram

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2021/2022 Alabama Dance Theatre Performing Company