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Contemporary Dance Lessons

Express Yourself with Contemporary Dance Lessons

While the rigidity and tradition of ballet is beautiful to behold, it certainly is not a dance style for everyone. Of course dancers are free to express themselves and their emotions through ballet, but often the constraints of the dance style prohibit certain movements and performances. That is why many dancers prefer the fluidity and freedom of modern dance. At Alabama Dance Theatre, the team is proud to offer modern dance classes to help your students become a better dancer, freely expressing themselves through art and movement. Modern dance classes are perfect for any age or ability level and can be custom created to find a dance medium that you prefer. Enroll your child, or yourself, in modern dance classes to express yourself through dance and movement.

Contemporary dance lessons are a perfect way to still allow yourself to stay physically fit and perfect some common dance fundamentals. While contemporary dance lessons do not adhere to rigid formats, they still embrace many qualities and characteristics commonly found through professional dance. Contemporary dance lessons will highlight fundamental skills necessary for all aspects of dance, but will apply these skills in a modern, free format, that allows dancers to express themselves through modern dance. The team at Alabama Dance Theatre understands that dance is a beautiful art that takes many different styles and approaches. The team regularly creates innovative and challenging choreography to test and grow the modern dance students enrolled in our school.

If you are interested in enrolling in a contemporary or modern dance class you have probably begun the search for a dance studio near you. Chances are you have sat down to a computer to search for "dance teachers near me" to find the best teacher for your child. When selecting the best dance teacher for your child you want to consider several factors. Research the experience of the dance teacher and make sure it aligns with your child's interests. Learn how long the instructor has been at the studio to understand if the instructor is fully in tune with the practices and teachings of the studio. Further, you want to find a dance teacher that communicates well, gets along with your child, and can help challenge and push your child to become a great dancer. Luckily, the team at Alabama Dance Theatre is your answer to your "dance teachers near me" search. The team is experienced, professional, and caring, dedicated to the success of every dance student.

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