Emily Efferson

Emily Efferson


ADT Member since 2015, attended Andalusia Ballet 2019, received scholarship and attended Brenau University 2019, received scholarship and attended University of North Carolina Charlotte 2019, Sr. High Aces Honorable Mention in Dance 2018, received full scholarship and attended Kirov Academy of Ballet 2017, Andalusia Ballet 2017 and Ballet Virginia International 2017, accepted to Alabama Ballet 2017, received scholarship and attended Andalusia Ballet 2016, attended American Ballet Theatre 2016, received scholarship to Alabama Youth Ballet 2016, received yearlong scholarship to The Kirov Program, ACES 2nd place winner in Dance 2017, Accepted to Charlotte Ballet, Oklahoma City Ballet, Andalusia Ballet, Alabama Ballet, and Huntsville ballet 2020. She performed in a collaborative program with The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and ADT called "Move With Me."

Emily Efferson

In their own words...

How did the passion for dance begin?


My mother grew up dancing and was involved with the performing arts all through college. It was such a big part of her life and I’m so grateful that she shared that passion with me. She put me in ballet and tap when I was 3 years old and I fell in love with it! I got to perform for the first time in The Nutcracker when I was only 5 as a Party Girl. The feeling of being on stage and performing was something that grabbed me from the very beginning, and it has stuck with me ever since!


Why did you choose to pursue your dance studies at The Alabama Dance Theatre?


The amazing performance opportunities and connection to RDA/SE. But what’s truly special about ADT is the amazing sense of community and support between the dancers here. The people I’ve danced with at ADT are like my second family. Ballet is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, and when you work so hard with a group of people every day you develop a bond like no other.


What pointe shoes do you prefer?


Currently, I wear Gaynor Mindens. They’re predictable, supportive, and pretty comfortable as far as pointe shoes go. Compared to other dancers, I never tried that many different brands/styles of pointe shoes. My first pair of pointe shoes were Russian Pointe Rubins. They worked well when I was younger but as I grew and my feet changed I switched to Bloch Elegance. I wore those for several years, but now that I’m more advanced I found that the shoes were too soft to support my workload. Now on my third try I’m very happy with the Gaynors. I got lucky and managed to find what works pretty easily.


Which choreographers inspire you?


Jerome Robbins, Justin Peck, Christopher Wheeldon, Sir Kenneth MacMillan, and Lauren Lovette. They each have such a great style and musicality. I would love to dance some of their works someday!


What are some of your favorite roles of all time and why?


My absolute favorite role I’ve ever danced is Cinderella. I had never led a full-length ballet before, so it was very daunting to be cast in that role. The rehearsal process for finding that character was so fun and rewarding. Cinderella is one of those characters with such a great story and it was a thrill to become her. There was a big range in the role from lighthearted comedy to romance to intense sadness. I also enjoyed the way I got to relate to the other characters on stage, especially my Stepmother and Stepsisters. Because I was on stage for almost the whole show, I got to experience the emotions and the story through Cinderella’s eyes, which was such a special experience I will never forget.


What is your dream role?


I can’t decide on just one! Giselle, Lucy in Dracula, Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker, Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, and Manon. Each of these roles is so iconic and a great blend of classical technique and intense storytelling. My favorite thing about performing in a ballet is definitely the acting side of things, so I love to do roles that allow for a lot of artistry and character work.