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Dance is an art that comes in many different styles. This is what makes dance so wonderful! Having different types and styles of dance allow people to excel in their own ability, and express themselves in a number of different ways. A high energy, fun dance style is hip hop. This incredibly detailed and intricate dance form is fun to learn and takes years of practice to perfect this art. At Alabama Dance Theatre the team offers hip hop classes for all ages and ability levels. The team has introductory hip hop classes available to get students exposed to the movements and styles common in hip hop, as well as advanced hip hop classes which refine and perfect the fundamentals taught at an early age.

Part of learning hip hop, and understanding the best practices with this dance style, hinges on the ability to have great choreography. Not only can choreography help to expand and grow your ability, but great choreography can help captivate an audience and tell your story through emotion and dance. At Alabama Dance Theatre the team employs the best choreography instructor in the area. With the best choreography instructor on the team, it is no wonder that the Alabama Dance Theatre regularly outperforms the competition, and achieves new heights at performances and competitions throughout the area. Further, many of the students at the Alabama Dance Theatre go on to have professional careers as paid and successful dancers.

At Alabama Dance Theatre, the team expects the best. Not only does the team challenge enrolled dancers and students, but the team regularly challenges itself. In order to grow and expand your art, you need to constantly be challenged and pushed to achieve more. That is why at the Alabama Dance Theatre the team employs the best dance teachers in the area. With 34 of the best dance teachers available, the team is able to help guide and polish the over 150 dance students currently enrolled. The team wants students to be able to achieve their dreams and take on a career in the professional dance world. Through strong fundamentals, engaging classes, and high quality choreography, Alabama Dance Theatre is able to transform your dancer, creating a polished, professional, and well rounded artist.


Hip Hop Classes

Fun, High Energy Hip Hop Classes

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