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When it comes to jazz classes there is plenty of opportunity for expression. Dancers have the opportunity to express their emotion and tell a story in a freestyle, expressionist format. This gives great variation and complexity to jazz dance which can be both exciting and challenging for students. Enrolling in jazz classes is a great way to allow your child to express him or herself in an artistic and positive way. Not only can jazz classes help to share an art form, but jazz classes are a great way to stay physically active. Jazz classes can help teach and strengthen fundamentals in dance which can then be extrapolated and applied to other styles of dance, making the dancer an all around better performer and artist.

Becoming a successful dancer is about having a drive and passion for the arts. Of course, finding the best teachers for dance also plays a role in your child's development. The best teachers for dance are not only able to help strengthen and develop a love for the art, but they are able to continuously push and challenge your child to allow them to expand beyond what they thought was possible. The best teachers for dance focus on the details, create captivating and challenging choreography, and continually push their students to achieve the impossible. Luckily, the team at Alabama Dance Theatre is proud to announce that they have an entire staff filled with the best dance teachers in the area, all dedicated to the overall success of the dance theatre, as well as to the individual success of the students. For compelling, trusted, and dedicated dance instructors, turn to the team at Alabama Dance Theatre.

Performing out of the Armory Learning Arts Center is a wonderful opportunity to perform in a big setting, on a big stage. It can give pre-professional dancers the insight into what it feels like performing in front of a large audience. While the Armory Learning Arts Center regularly hosts dance competitions and recitals for jazz, ballet, and hip hop dancers, the team also likes to use the space to better the community. As a non-profit themselves, with a focus on helping local businesses and organizations, the team at Alabama Dance Theatre regularly uses the Armory Learning Arts Center to better the community and strengthen the neighborhood. The team believes that by giving back to the community together it is possible to achieve more as an invested and dedicated neighbor.


Jazz Classes

Innovative and Exciting Jazz Classes

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