The Alabama Dance Theatre will open its 34th season with a virtual production of Mistletoe.


This year’s production will feature Miss Kitty’s Favorite Dances of Christmas. 


As ADT’s gift to the community, they present Mistletoe at Home. Free, and accessible to the public. Viewers anywhere may join the celebration virtually from home on Sunday, December 6th at 2 PM CST. Special guests Mark Bullock, Valorie Lawson, and Tonya Terry will present this Mistletoe performance. 

Mistletoe at Home will also feature new music created in a new collaboration with the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra and local musicians

ADT’s educational and community outreach will continue, in a different form this year. In the past, Montgomery Public School fourth-graders have attended a daytime performance of Mistletoe. In lieu of attending the performance, Alabama Dance Theatre will provide MPS an educational package to be shared in classrooms.



Dear Friends,

It goes without saying that when we sat down to plan out our 34th “Season of Radiance” back in early March nobody knew how quickly the entire world was about to change. COVID-19 has brought long-lasting impacts to the dance world, and our hearts are with the many companies and schools worldwide who have been affected by the global pandemic. With that being said dancers and artists everywhere are resilient. I am so incredibly proud of the students, faculty, and staff at the Alabama Dance Theatre for truly taking life’s challenges head-on and making this quite frankly a time we will never forget.


We are set to open on December 6, 2020, at 2 PM CST with a virtual performance of “Miss Kitty’s Favorite Dances of Christmas.” This performance, in partnership with MobileCause, will present collaborations with the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra and other local musicians performing traditional Christmas Carols. We are also excited to bring you behind the scenes for insights with our choreographers. In the spirit of the holiday season, this performance is our gift to the community!

In the words of our late ballet master Haynes Owens,

"Do Radiate."

All my very best,

Kate Seale Smith

Artistic Director

Alabama Dance Theatre


Stages across the world are still dark as many companies continue to struggle with the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19. This year we are opening with a virtual production of Mistletoe "At Home." This performance is free to the public and we need your support to dance onwards into the future! Please consider making a donation in any amount to support our dancers and their continued hard work during this difficult time.