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Becoming a professional dancer takes time, dedication, and a passion for the arts. When it comes to training pre professionals for a dancing career you need to find a school and teacher that has the experience and know how to create and nurture a professional dancer. Trust the team at Alabama Dance Theatre for their dedication and experience. With over 30 years of experience working with pre professionals, the team has a long track record of success. Not only does the team have a wide range of ages accepted at the dance theatre, but they also have a range of classes for different dance styles. The team offers classes in ballet, ballet pointe, jazz, hip hop, and even Broadway dance classes.

Plus, the team at Alabama Dance Theatre is dedicated to working with the community. That is why the team regularly engages and works with other non profit organizations in the neighborhood. Together, it is possible to build a better community through collaborative efforts. Alabama Dance Theatre partners with nonprofit organizations and regularly shares their space to allow people to express themselves through the arts. For a range of classes, professional teachers, and years of experience, trust the team at Alabama Dance Theatre. With over 30 years of experience and a widely adaptable and experienced team, the instructors will be able to transform your rising star dancer into a pre professional dancer. Based on fundamentals, rooted in consistency, and passionate about dance, the team at Alabama Dance Theatre can help transform your dancer and take him or her to the next level. A career in dance can be quite lucrative and successful, but building the initial foundation blocks can lead to a road of success.


Pre Professionals

Training Pre Professionals for Success

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