Ryan Tucker


ADT Member since 2016, ACES Honorable Mention 2019 & 2020, ACES 3rd place in Dance 2018, received scholarship and attended Brenau University 2018, accepted to Alabama Ballet 2018-2020, accepted to American Ballet Theatre 2018, accepted to Andalusia Ballet 2020, received scholarships to Gus Giordano 2020, Huntsville Ballet 2020, attended Terminus School of Modern Ballet 2020, She performed in a collaborative program with The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and ADT called "Move With Me."

Ryan Tucker

In their own words...

How did your passion for dance begin?

My passion for dance started when I was three years old. I had watched  dancers perform as early as kindergarten.  I have been to an Alvin Ailey performance, and I have dreamed about being a professional dancer when I was younger. Dance brings me so much peace. It helps me not to think about negative things that happen in life, but to focus on all the positive things in my life.


Why did you chose to pursue your dance studies at Alabama Dance Theatre?

I chose to pursue my dance studies at Alabama Dance Theatre because I felt like Alabama Dance Theatre would prepare me for the future dance world. ADT takes the dancers to RDA/SE which is a prestigious dance organization where you meet dancers and professionals all over the United States. It’s also a great experience because you get to meet friends and teachers that turn into family.


What pointe shoes do you prefer?

I prefer the Russian Pointe pointe shoes. It helps you get/stay on your box and it also makes your feet look really good! They take a long time to break in but they last long. I love this brand because it was the first brand for my first pair of pointe shoes in 2014.


Which choreographers inspires you?


Alvin Ailey inspires me because he has a hugely popular, multi-racial modern dance ensemble called Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. He founded the dance theatre in New York in 1958. I love how his choreography is so heartfelt and spiritual and I would like to dance to a spiritual, modern, heartfelt piece one day.


What are some of your favorite roles of all time and why?

I loved dancing as the Arabian Queen because that was my first lead role and also I felt like it was my style of dance. I also liked Raven Queen and Gypsy Queen too. I have not danced those roles but they were my favorite roles because they were both more of my style of dance and they both had all the leg extensions and leaps.

What is your dream role?

My dream role is Wade in the Water from Revelations by Alvin Ailey and also Diving by Judith Jamison. I would love to do those roles because I love the energy they give and how spiritual they are. I love dances like that Especially Revelations by Alvin Ailey.